miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

" Touch Wood " by Joan Manuel Serrat

My favourite song is "touch wood" (toca madera) by Joan Manuel Serrat. Joan Manuel Serrat is a spanish singer very famous in the musical world of the "trova". the first time you listen to it, I had eight years old and lived in southern of Chile, in the Lakes Region, exactly in a town called Fresia.
were beautiful years... with very nature and rains, and this song reminds me of those beautiful moments with my family aside the heat of fireplace. for all this I like this song so much :)
Joan Manuel Serrat compose very beautiful themes, and is also my songwriter favourite, I listen much to him. I usually like to hear at night or afternoon, relaxes me a lot.
its songs: "disculpe el señor" or "cantares" are classics of this style music and I love !.

Touch Wood

The song is a satire superstitious people. many people in spain is superstitious, believe in witches and evil eye, this is the reason for that Serrat takes the saying "touch wood" among others, to show how many people daily takes the saying to console and protect of bad circumstances of the life with proverbs and superstitions. He makes this criticism with consistency, rhythm and joy, and this I like.

Its subjects are to think them... its themes are very deep and intelligent, usually some people are bored or don't understand its content. but, I love Joan Manuel Serrat and its songs!!!


Moon & Woman

This picture represent my inner world :) The moon and the Woman live in me.
the Incas plataforms and corn, reveal my conecction with the earth fertility.
I Like the night and the stars, so I like the day also.
Also I like traveling, I Love to see new places!
I am a traveler of the soul ;)