miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

The World Cup / Chile v/s Honduras

Hello classmates and Simon!
Today is a special day… today Chile is playing in Sudafrica for win the football world cup.
For 12 years Chile don’t went at the football muntial (1998).

Today in the morning at half past seven I saw the football play between Chile and Honduras, and we wiiiiiiiinnn! :D
I watched the football play with a friend called Victor Elgueda, he is Geographer of university of chile, he is a good friend. We are watches the play in the auditórium of faculty Architecture and urbanism of the University of chile.
There were don’t many peoples… about 40 persons… in the morning the faculty was empty. Everyone was celebrating the victory.
I enjoyed the football play  I liked watched, bacause, was a moment where the people was happy and sharing. It’is a social reunion,It’s the party of the people (It could be good or bad, I think that is a doublé-edged arme) but the people is happy with this… 
In my opinion, the best football player (chilean) was Valdivia, because was moderate and prudent in their game, in contradistinction to Sanchez, that he was very prepoten in their game, he was very anxious in the play, also he don’t played in team, he came the arch playing only, and in more than one ocation he don’t like leave the ball. I don’t like me hi. In my opinion Sanchez was the worst chilean player
I think that the chilean people is very optimist (excessively Jajajajaa!) bacause, they win one football play and of immediately they feel that win the world cup (je je je je). I don’t beleve that Chile can win the world cup, because, we are the country undeveloped and our game of football also is undeveloped (in my opinion).

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

My Ayarauca CAT

hello classmate.
today I to speak about my beautiful, and fat Cat :D

my kitty, named "Ayarauca Blanca", this is the name that my sister and me selected.
I love more my cat, it's a member important of the my small family. It's important for my mother, my sister, my uncle Koki and me (they are my family).

It's a spoiled cat, it's very sleeper cat :P but all the cat the are, its nature.
It's sleeping all the nigth wint me in my bed. some nigths I don't like sleep with it, but it's insistent and meows for that I open the door of my room!!! je je je ! :)

I Love my Ayarauca CAT!

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

My best holiday


today I to speak about my best holiday*
my best holiday was the travel to Perú in the 2007. I was with my boyfriend Sergio and my cousin Pedro. it was a travel funny and full of adventures...

we went to many places, for example to: Arequipa, Cusco, Santa Teresa, Santa María, Puno and islands Uros and Taquile in the lake Titi Caca. We visited many Inca ruins, it was beautiful! wonderful! I loved: Tambomachay, Quenco, Ollantaytambo, the sun temple, the Inca trail and course Machu Picchu.

we were one month in Perú and yet we lack time for to travel. we also of visited Inca ruins, visited museums and ate many delicious food. we to spoke with the people, this was very interesting, we learn many of the people, thanks for this we learnt more of Perú and your culture.

I feel, that the best of my holiday, was the walk of return of machi Pichu to Cusco, that I did with Sergio, this was a hard road (for this, my cousin Pedro return by train, he is comfortable, he did not like return to walking :P),Sergio and me, met many beautiful people, We saw many beautiful things and had a great time.

I loved Perú and your people and culture... is wonderful.
I have many desire of return to Perú, it's a beautiful country.

my Favorite Geography Subject

my favorite subject in geography in this semester, is Rural Development.

this subject is executed for Martine Driven teacher. She is belgian,but lives in Chile about 20 years old. she is economist of the CEPAL, and she is specialist in topics of rural development.

I like this subject, for many reasons, the first is that the teacher is a good teacher, this is motivating and I have wanted of study. Second, the topics are very interesting for me, I like very much.

for example, in this semester,I learned about many theoretical aspects of "the rural" and "development" in Chile and the world, also of the importance of the economy and of "the local" in the situation of development in "the rural" in the world. this is very useful for me.

I thing, that this contents, I will be very useful for me in the future, and very important for me, in my formation as a qualified geographer. I am very happy with this subject and teacher.