miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

my favourite free time activity

My favorite free time activity is to paint. I love painting pictures. I prefer to paint with oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal etc. I really like every artistic craft. I have tried to paint constantly in my life, but sometimes I lack time.

I began to paint many years ago, when I was a child about seven years old. At that time, I lived in Fresia- Puerto Montt, in south of Chile. I took a few courses with teacher, I learnt painter techniques, it's was fun and useful for my.

I am not professional painter, I am amateur painter, but anyway I like my own pictures. And other people has told me they like them too. This is rewarding and makes me proud of myself and happy.

At this moment, for example, I am painting a picture. It's an assignment that They will paid me for. it's the second time I sell a picture in my life, this makes me very happy.

I think I began to paint because I feel that art is a different and beautiful form of communication. It's a different world. Is color, emotion, passion, joy, sadnes, energy, power, change... is wonderful.

For this... I Love to Paint!*

Wonderful Movie - The Fall

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Unforgettable Day

That day.. I Was in my house, I was sleeping in my bed when start the tremors. At first, I don't scared, since, I don't fear tremors. I did sit in my bed and I did see for the window, what I saw... I marvel. THE STREET WAS MOVING AS A WAVE!!! WAS BEAUTIFUL!... I WAS amazed... and I was paralized for few seconds...

in this moment started the earthquake.

The move was very power, the float moved for all directions, the bulding suddenly shuddered, I did listen noise strange... as a monster :P
was crazy... but was wonderful.

when the things did fell of the shelves, I react that was a earthquake.
In this instant, I woke the dream... I did remember, that I was with my family, my gran-mother and my mother, and I did going to look for them.

I did Take a my gran-mother and We went at the living room, my mother did opened the door... when we reached at the living room, my cat was under the table very scared! my Cat (Ayarauca) had all her hair bristling!!! jajaja and very scared called me with a single meow*** Jaajajajaa... gave me tenderness. =)

then the move stop. had finalized the earthquake...

when finalized the earthquake, I did feel scared... because I saw as the people, went out at the street scared, all people was crazy! they took their cars and ran!...
was very dangerous ... I was very scared in this moment.

In my opinion, the chilean reacted most bad! as is possible, that being a country seismic, your people don't know react to an event of this nature.
neither the government nor its citizens. All react most bad.

Is a situation that have more for think...

martes, 13 de abril de 2010

The Printing Machine

Hi my classmates!

Today, I write about my fovorite artifact of technology.
Is the printing machine.
I like the printing machine, because, is a technology that revolutionized the world. thanks this, the travelers of past time, they can write about the world and their wonders... and today, thanks to this, we know the world taht we know.

The Fist printing machine, was invented in China, around 2000 B.C. but, the frist modern printing machine, was invented in 1440 approximately by Johannes Gutenberg, even so, many authors dispute its authorship.

I think, that without this technology, could not have achieved all the technological advances that exist today, so is fundamental for the human and your existence with the know.

For all this, I Love the printing, because, thanks this, the human for the world share knowledge. =)

Is regrettable, that in Chile the books are more expensive :/
down the tax to the book!!! je je je



Simmon, sorry for the delay the my text, but, the past weekend I was of birthday :D
and with all the excitement I forgot the task :P
sorry, but here is ;)