miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Manu Chao Concert

Well... my favorite concert in this last time is the Manu Chao concert, this was on November of 2009, in the national stadium of Santiago of Chile. I was with my boyfriend (Sergio) he invited me at the concert, was really great! and despite that we arrive just on the time (only lacked fifteen minutes for the start the concert), we could obtain good posts for saw the concert.
Together (Sergio and me) could advance through the people (more and more we approached the stage), until that we found some friends (Andres Jacques and your brother Martín) was a nice surprise.
We talked, happened about a half hour and started the concert!! Yeaaaaah! Uuf! the ambient was very very nice.. all was festival, carnival! and the people shared... many things! (je je je!) I listened the music and vibrated with it. we sing and danced all the songs, in special the song "clandestino" oooh I love this song, I feel that represent soo good at our latinoamerican people, represent: sadness, loneliness, injustice and the unprotected of the latinoamerican people. For this, I Love her music, it's very nice and with political and social concience message.
Late of a time, Sergio and me missed from my friends, had a lot disorder, the people danced very quickly and was pushing between them, these events didn't like me but I guess that can't avoid it.
Despite this, for me the concert was all a successful, was very great! In total the concert two and past half hour long! many time! I was happy :D
Late.. we went out of the stadium and walked with the crowd toward the bus stop.
we went sang the songs of Manu and we went talked about the live*

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

I would like to travel to Panamá

I Wish. I traveled to Panamá. Panamá is a small country located in centroamerica (in the caribian), but this don't make Panamá less interesting ...
Panamá has too much biodiversity, flora and fauna! Panamá has too many beautiful beaches with warm water! Also there are ethnic cultures: the Kunas. they are an interesting culture that even make their own clothes, these clothes are named “Molas” and are also used for decorating the houses . I have six in my livingroom, I love to see them.
Well... I would like to travel to Panamá, because my uncles and cousins live over there ( on mother side), I don’t see they recursively... of fact, I see they in average each four years and they always traveled to Chile. I never traveled to Panamá.
They told me that Panamá is a beautifull country, they told me of their culture and environment... fot this I Would like to travel to Panamá 
I think that to do it, today wouldn’t be difficult to realise beacuse the air fare there is cheap. So... I think that I will travel to Panamá in the next year!!! I have worked to save money for my trip. Now I have enough money for the air ticket, but I haven’t enough of the full trip, I going to work until I have enough money for full trip.