martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias Memory

My favorite Fiestas Patrias memory is when I was a child (I was about six years old) and I lived with my mother and father :)
I remember that one time we went in a car (our car called “Totin” :P) to a field in the outskirts of Santiago; I don't remember when named the place but was a place very rural with farm animals, also to had a “media luna” of “rodeo” and many traditional Chilean plays, when: to climb “volantin”, the “trompo”, the “rayuela”, the “emboque” etc. I didn't like the “rodeo”, I felt very sad for the cows... was very violent, for this I didn't like seen the “rodeo” and went with a other childrens to climb “volantines”, I wasn't a good player :P but I like seen the “volantines” fly in the sky :) my father a lot time attempted to teach me when climb the volantin, but my volantin always to finished in the land :P jajajaaa, until today I don't know climb the volantin! But I believe that is a Chilean play very beautiful.

but my memory so memorable was that play in the field with my friends (the Canales family) we discovered a nest of birds (of Queltehues), I was thrilled with our discovery, I didn't see something so natural before. I remember that we all seen the nest untouched nothing... we was very impacted, so much was our emotion that went rush off with ours fathers to related the succeed. Is a beautiful remember for me.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

demonstrations in the FAU

The past week, we: “the students of the faculty of Architecture and urbanism, of University of Chile” were in demonstrating for the education, for this we stop ours activities all the week and realised more cultural activities, for example: students created big penciles of cardboard painting of more colors, they to come out at the street; they went into the metro with much balloon of colors with menssages for the education in Chile. Also of meetings for debating of the mobilization of students and the education.
I believe, that it’s very good for the students and the education of the country, although I owe to admit that the students movement owe to improve many things in their movement so your organitation, logistics and form of demonstrations , but I believe that every days we will improve.
I pacticiped in the demonstrations of the faculty, but I did it few times… because I wasn’t constantly in the demonstrations, it wasn’t good but was in part consequence of bad organitation or comunication of the students, more times I went of the faculty at work in the demonstration, but I had that wait many time for could do something useful… for this reason I ended go away of the faculty I went to did my owns things at my house…
But so I said before… I believe that is good that the students are in demonstrations… I believe that more people: teachers, assistants, worked in general… they alls owe join at the demonstrations, because in this country there are many for that demonstration.