lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Andrea and me

Hello Classmates

the girl on the left of the photo is my best friend. Her name is Andrea Molina Carrer. we go back a long time,We both met when I lived in Fresia in south of Chile.

the two are our best friends. and while we are not see as often, we know we can count on the other :)

with my friend we are very similar in personality, both have strong personalities, for this in more than once ocacion we have discussed :P but we learned to talk and fix situations.

She is a intelligent girl, is interesting to talk whit her, also, we travel with her to many places, we like the adventure, some girls are all-terrain, and that I love.

in fact, my friend is very human and not is perfect, but it is very good person and I love much to her.


In the picture, we were in the "Alto Bio Bio" in the lagoon named "La Mula" in the range, in the past summer vacation.

why I study geography?

hello Clasmates

today I to speak about why I decided studied tha career of geography :)
first of all, I to have confesse, that before of I give the PSU, I did not know on the career of geography :P I did know on the career of geography after of I get my score of PSU. I was in central house of the university of chile in a career fair, when, I saw a shelf that say... "Geography". I single knew of the geography of the school, but as I liked the history in the school, I approached to ask.
there a boy said me that geography was a career very varied, that included areas: social, economic, physical, environmental and techniques (GIS)
I loved the career when the boy said me that a student was working in a cadastre of galciares in southern Chile :D !
I excited a lot and found what I was looking for.

although several times I criticized much of the career of geography, that has not stopped my taste for the career. i think that are things that have that see with bad planification and bad teachers, but no with the career itself. for the same, are some stuff I can independently overcome.

in te future I like specialize in topics of development urban and rural, environmental, sustainability and planning, that are the topics that I more like me.

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Trip to Pichilemu

mainly we were to collect information on the earthquake and tsunami in the zone of Pichilemu. In this context, we were good because collect enough information on the subject, but as to the learner's new contents of the subject, was not a field trip very productive and profitable... That disappointed me, and saddened me a bit, because, after all travel involves not only monetary resources.. also time and energy resources, that may have been better utilized... miss planning and organization, but especially a good guide and preparation of students, approach to coastal planning and management. However, equal I enjoyment of the trip, because I shared with my classmates and visited nice places. Pichilemu is very nice place, is very cool the beach and surf!!! places I visit, I liked the most was Punta de Lobos, there the waves were too big and the sea was beautiful.
I think that certainly I would live a time in Pichilemu.


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The Blog of Camila

my first impression of the blog, is that is very dark. warning my atention because camila is very cheerful and happy jajaja.
the colours that more use in yuor blog are: black (more), blue, green and red.

in the blog had wrote not much the clasmates :P... I think that this situation is general in the course, because we not give have time for write in english, this is very bad... and we not learn English :( ... and I am lately said for this situation (not learn english) because cost me more than others clasmates.

while the desing the blog don't like me much (is simple and classical)... yes like me the photos and video, are very beautiful, colorful and intersting =)

like me the video of the NASA "images of solar activity" woooouu!... is very interesting and wonderful. I would like upload a video in my blog, but I don't know how! =( probably, I do question to Camila how do it.


Camila Say in the blog of Fernando.

"My love, I think you draw very well, making drawings are beautiful!"
29 April 2010 19:30"

I think that "my love, i think you draw very well" this well written, but.. "making drawings are beautiful" I don't understand. maybe she could have written: "make drawings is beautiful!" but I'm not sure, because, I don't know that thing she wanted to write.