martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

The British Museum

I think that the place most interesting for visit in London is The British Museum, why? Because in the British museum there are many galleries with prices and objects of different parts of the world! It’s great! I will go to only one place to see different objects of the world, ja! Nice. Although for the other hand, this conduct would be damaging for the other countries that lose valuable objects of your culture and country :S (this second reason are conflictive for me). Anyway when I will go to England, I wish visit the British Museum, it’s wonderful :)

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010


Hello classmates!
my fovourite game when I was a child (I had five years old approximately) was my "saltarina"! a toy of the chain of chilean toys named: "Otto Kraus" nonexistent today in the company of toys :(
... I very sad... because this company had the best toys, very educational and enjoy toys.

The “saltarina” was a big ball and with her I can jump, jump, jump and jump all the day for all the places jajaja! It Was a very popular toy between the childs, I with all my friends played together at jump in the “saltarina”, It was wonderful for me, the best top for me.

When my parents gave me this present... I cried of happiness! It was very emotionant! My realization... ji ja jajaja :D
I remember once time, that I beg at my mother for more time for I could continue played in my “saltarina” with my friends, it was so enjoy for me!

I played often with the “saltarina”, I remember that played with it tree months all the time, until that my “saltarina”... my beautiful and wonderful “saltarina” went at heaven of “saltarinas”... yes... my “saltarina” bursted (exploto?)… :( I was very sad, I cried and cried for me “saltarina”, but I didn't have anything more of “saltarina”, I couldn't jump any more with a saltarina (my “saltarina”).

I learn the game with my friends, but before I saw the game in the tv, although unconscious, I think that it was a materialistic behavior... incredible... well, unfortunately the childs are most vulnerable at the publicity of TV :S the adults should be more cautious with it, the publicity can be very convincet for a child.
But, even with this... I loved my “saltarina” until today! :)

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The Greatest Chilean

The greatest Chilean in the history was and is José Miguel Carrera.
I think this beacuse he struggle for the freedom of the country in the independence of Chile, he liked a free country with universal principles, with liberal principles, that in the past time, the concept liberal was diferent like to be now, liberal was a real politic of human liberty, non-libertarian or only economic liberty.
He was against to O’Higgins and your political posture that was Conservative. This political ideas (the O’higgins ideas) were the that build the base of the chilean republic that we life in the actuality. This is the poilitic inheritance that moving today the chilean politic.

In my opinion, the chilean politic (Conservative, traditionalist and with principles catholics) has te country submerged in close ideas and intolerances that non-permit advance in (for example) the creation of laws agree at the new times.
I think that if José Miguel Carrera had the governance of chile in the past time, chile today was a veryyy and more country.
Well... all this is only a hypotetical situation, but is beautuful reflect about a diferent past and future possible.

I feel that Jose miguel Carrera also Manuel Rodriguez (they was big friends and partner of ideas) didn’t betray for O’Higgins (with your ambition of political power) the ideals of Carrera to be alive today, build a diferent Chile, diferent laws and diferent persons.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


If I could choose any job (without monetary concern) ... I think that this job would be gardening.

I would like to be a gardener to I am with plants and trees all the day, and I can feel the damp land. I think that this work would be very niece and relax for me, because I love the open spaces, the nature and the temperature that the trees and vegetation (in general) generate in an urban ambient. Also I think that is most necessary create many more green areas in the city, this is good for the urban climate and good for the health of the urban people.
definitively, this job would be enjoy and relax for me and also this job would be useful for the health of the city! beautiful job! :D
I think that would be a big labor... simple and complex at same time, because in the actuality (unfortunately) in the city exist less opnen speaces where can build parks or gandens, actuality it's a big problem in the urban planning, it's not simple problem to resolve.

for this reason, I would work for few money, only the necessary to buy materials (tools, plants, natural fertilizars, etc) and I motivate at the owners to joined at this job.

This would be a good job for me, I would be happy and I would be relax.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010


hello geo blogers!
well, if I think about a famous person of the history that I would like to meet, this person would be Madiba.

Mandiba is a name that the clan of Nelson Mandela the gave to him in honor to her strong work and life.

Nelson Mandela was a person that struggle to social vindication of your people, He struggle against racism and apartheid in South African. He struggle but also he build a new society in South African, He build a new society based on the principles of fraternity, tolerance and respect for the cultural diversity.
This was a strong work, but very necessary for one society so divided as the South African in past time.
Nelson Mandela achieve unify the society South African, and I admire and respect this work.

I would like to meet to Nelson Mandela and ask to hem, how?!! how did he it? Where he found the strong to survive 27 years in prison? Where he found the strong to get over so much pains, anger and humillations? So injusticies? How he achieve to get over this and change them emotions for love and pardon. It's incredible!!... he is a biiiiiiig man, the real man, a Human.

I felling that a conversation with Mandiba would be a Big Honor and pleasure for me, and I would learn much about him.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My Perfect Day, in a perfect place.

mmm.. my perfect day is a sunny day. I are in a natura place... there are water to flow and big trees... I am calm, no problems in my mind and heart. I am with all my friends and family (really, only the most important and closes), we enjoy of the landscape :) the mountains are beautiful! I see much birds.. so we play in the water (of the lake), swiming and we take a boat to go around the lake. later, we go at the river (that flow into the lake) and we walk and climb fot it, it’s funny, it’s an adventure (as Indiana Jones), we see much animals and birds and every now and then we stop to have a rest on a big rock. The water is very crystal clear and fresh, is nice to drink it. Later, we have a track and walk for here... little by little, we go into the wood (in the mountain) and I listen strange noises of the nature... I know that are animals, but I don’t know whiches, we climb and climb until that we arrive at the mountain top :D the landscape it’s wonderful! I see all the valley !! aaaaaaaah... I feel comfort, I to lie down on the grass and I see the blue sky... I see the form of the clouds, and with my friends play to see diferent animals in the clouds, then we speak about the life and laugth.

(this place exist... :))

Santiago Tour

Well, Santiago of Chile is a small city (in comparation with others big global citys) ... but this things to give to Santiago a special touch, between a big technological city and a small and traditional latinoamerican city.

If you ask me about five places that one turist have to visit in Santiago, I will recomending this places:

San Cristobal hill

This place is an important milestone for the citizen conquest of the “santiaguinos”. More time ago, this place belong at the catholic church (was a private place), and Vicuña Mackenna (his nephew) he proposed conquest the hill San Cristobal for the use the people of Santiago as a green lung for the city. For this reason all the saturdays climb the hill with children scouts and to hammer a flag in top the hill.

Brasil square and Brasil street

This place is a beautiful centre of arts and nice coffe shops. Here you are enjoy of a particular neighborhood with a special architecture, also enjoy of a historic place because the “Brasil street” was in the pre-conquist spanish time an ancient Incan canal used to crops.

Quinta Normal Park

This is a old park of the Santiago city, in the past time was used as a place of farming experimentation, here are the natural historic museum, the trains museum, a hospital and a artificial lake where you can take a boat ride.

Snow-covered valley (valle nevado)

If you like the snow and practice snow sports, this place it's perfect for you. It's to one hour of Santiago city, in the range of the Andes, it's a wonderful place that you should know.

Bellavista street

If you like the parties, dance or enjoy of delicious plates and liquors, this place is for you. It's a beautiful neighborhood to know people or going with friends.

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

Yorguen Fruz

My favourite shop is a shop of ice cream named “Yorguen Fruz”, the Yorguen fruz is a shop where to sell ice cream of natural fruits, is a nice shop, very popular between the lovers of ice cream.
I discovered this shop when I was sixteen years old (aprox), I was even in the high school in the Liceo N·1 Javiera Carrera. I was walking in the centre of Santigo in an afternoon of summer (afther class)... I was very hotly and I to look for a fresh place, so I went to a mall with some friends. Well, was there where I know the ice cream of “Yorguen Fruz”! =D I owe say that was love to first sight. I sight the ice cream and I loved it, so I bought an ice cream there.
For some time I bought much ice cream in this shop, I was a regulary client of this shop, I bought ice cream twice for week, I go out of class and I went to bought ice cream in the Yorguen Fruz jajajaa, until that I bored of ate it.
In the actuallity I don't bought frecuently in this shop, but I follow love those ice creams. I love its creamy texture and taste concentrated of fruit, all people can combinated diferents tipes of fruits in your ice crams, this is very cool. For this reason and more, this shop is my favourite ice cream shop =)

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias Memory

My favorite Fiestas Patrias memory is when I was a child (I was about six years old) and I lived with my mother and father :)
I remember that one time we went in a car (our car called “Totin” :P) to a field in the outskirts of Santiago; I don't remember when named the place but was a place very rural with farm animals, also to had a “media luna” of “rodeo” and many traditional Chilean plays, when: to climb “volantin”, the “trompo”, the “rayuela”, the “emboque” etc. I didn't like the “rodeo”, I felt very sad for the cows... was very violent, for this I didn't like seen the “rodeo” and went with a other childrens to climb “volantines”, I wasn't a good player :P but I like seen the “volantines” fly in the sky :) my father a lot time attempted to teach me when climb the volantin, but my volantin always to finished in the land :P jajajaaa, until today I don't know climb the volantin! But I believe that is a Chilean play very beautiful.

but my memory so memorable was that play in the field with my friends (the Canales family) we discovered a nest of birds (of Queltehues), I was thrilled with our discovery, I didn't see something so natural before. I remember that we all seen the nest untouched nothing... we was very impacted, so much was our emotion that went rush off with ours fathers to related the succeed. Is a beautiful remember for me.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

demonstrations in the FAU

The past week, we: “the students of the faculty of Architecture and urbanism, of University of Chile” were in demonstrating for the education, for this we stop ours activities all the week and realised more cultural activities, for example: students created big penciles of cardboard painting of more colors, they to come out at the street; they went into the metro with much balloon of colors with menssages for the education in Chile. Also of meetings for debating of the mobilization of students and the education.
I believe, that it’s very good for the students and the education of the country, although I owe to admit that the students movement owe to improve many things in their movement so your organitation, logistics and form of demonstrations , but I believe that every days we will improve.
I pacticiped in the demonstrations of the faculty, but I did it few times… because I wasn’t constantly in the demonstrations, it wasn’t good but was in part consequence of bad organitation or comunication of the students, more times I went of the faculty at work in the demonstration, but I had that wait many time for could do something useful… for this reason I ended go away of the faculty I went to did my owns things at my house…
But so I said before… I believe that is good that the students are in demonstrations… I believe that more people: teachers, assistants, worked in general… they alls owe join at the demonstrations, because in this country there are many for that demonstration.

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Manu Chao Concert

Well... my favorite concert in this last time is the Manu Chao concert, this was on November of 2009, in the national stadium of Santiago of Chile. I was with my boyfriend (Sergio) he invited me at the concert, was really great! and despite that we arrive just on the time (only lacked fifteen minutes for the start the concert), we could obtain good posts for saw the concert.
Together (Sergio and me) could advance through the people (more and more we approached the stage), until that we found some friends (Andres Jacques and your brother Martín) was a nice surprise.
We talked, happened about a half hour and started the concert!! Yeaaaaah! Uuf! the ambient was very very nice.. all was festival, carnival! and the people shared... many things! (je je je!) I listened the music and vibrated with it. we sing and danced all the songs, in special the song "clandestino" oooh I love this song, I feel that represent soo good at our latinoamerican people, represent: sadness, loneliness, injustice and the unprotected of the latinoamerican people. For this, I Love her music, it's very nice and with political and social concience message.
Late of a time, Sergio and me missed from my friends, had a lot disorder, the people danced very quickly and was pushing between them, these events didn't like me but I guess that can't avoid it.
Despite this, for me the concert was all a successful, was very great! In total the concert two and past half hour long! many time! I was happy :D
Late.. we went out of the stadium and walked with the crowd toward the bus stop.
we went sang the songs of Manu and we went talked about the live*

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

I would like to travel to Panamá

I Wish. I traveled to Panamá. Panamá is a small country located in centroamerica (in the caribian), but this don't make Panamá less interesting ...
Panamá has too much biodiversity, flora and fauna! Panamá has too many beautiful beaches with warm water! Also there are ethnic cultures: the Kunas. they are an interesting culture that even make their own clothes, these clothes are named “Molas” and are also used for decorating the houses . I have six in my livingroom, I love to see them.
Well... I would like to travel to Panamá, because my uncles and cousins live over there ( on mother side), I don’t see they recursively... of fact, I see they in average each four years and they always traveled to Chile. I never traveled to Panamá.
They told me that Panamá is a beautifull country, they told me of their culture and environment... fot this I Would like to travel to Panamá 
I think that to do it, today wouldn’t be difficult to realise beacuse the air fare there is cheap. So... I think that I will travel to Panamá in the next year!!! I have worked to save money for my trip. Now I have enough money for the air ticket, but I haven’t enough of the full trip, I going to work until I have enough money for full trip.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

The World Cup / Chile v/s Honduras

Hello classmates and Simon!
Today is a special day… today Chile is playing in Sudafrica for win the football world cup.
For 12 years Chile don’t went at the football muntial (1998).

Today in the morning at half past seven I saw the football play between Chile and Honduras, and we wiiiiiiiinnn! :D
I watched the football play with a friend called Victor Elgueda, he is Geographer of university of chile, he is a good friend. We are watches the play in the auditórium of faculty Architecture and urbanism of the University of chile.
There were don’t many peoples… about 40 persons… in the morning the faculty was empty. Everyone was celebrating the victory.
I enjoyed the football play  I liked watched, bacause, was a moment where the people was happy and sharing. It’is a social reunion,It’s the party of the people (It could be good or bad, I think that is a doublé-edged arme) but the people is happy with this… 
In my opinion, the best football player (chilean) was Valdivia, because was moderate and prudent in their game, in contradistinction to Sanchez, that he was very prepoten in their game, he was very anxious in the play, also he don’t played in team, he came the arch playing only, and in more than one ocation he don’t like leave the ball. I don’t like me hi. In my opinion Sanchez was the worst chilean player
I think that the chilean people is very optimist (excessively Jajajajaa!) bacause, they win one football play and of immediately they feel that win the world cup (je je je je). I don’t beleve that Chile can win the world cup, because, we are the country undeveloped and our game of football also is undeveloped (in my opinion).

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

My Ayarauca CAT

hello classmate.
today I to speak about my beautiful, and fat Cat :D

my kitty, named "Ayarauca Blanca", this is the name that my sister and me selected.
I love more my cat, it's a member important of the my small family. It's important for my mother, my sister, my uncle Koki and me (they are my family).

It's a spoiled cat, it's very sleeper cat :P but all the cat the are, its nature.
It's sleeping all the nigth wint me in my bed. some nigths I don't like sleep with it, but it's insistent and meows for that I open the door of my room!!! je je je ! :)

I Love my Ayarauca CAT!

sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

My best holiday


today I to speak about my best holiday*
my best holiday was the travel to Perú in the 2007. I was with my boyfriend Sergio and my cousin Pedro. it was a travel funny and full of adventures...

we went to many places, for example to: Arequipa, Cusco, Santa Teresa, Santa María, Puno and islands Uros and Taquile in the lake Titi Caca. We visited many Inca ruins, it was beautiful! wonderful! I loved: Tambomachay, Quenco, Ollantaytambo, the sun temple, the Inca trail and course Machu Picchu.

we were one month in Perú and yet we lack time for to travel. we also of visited Inca ruins, visited museums and ate many delicious food. we to spoke with the people, this was very interesting, we learn many of the people, thanks for this we learnt more of Perú and your culture.

I feel, that the best of my holiday, was the walk of return of machi Pichu to Cusco, that I did with Sergio, this was a hard road (for this, my cousin Pedro return by train, he is comfortable, he did not like return to walking :P),Sergio and me, met many beautiful people, We saw many beautiful things and had a great time.

I loved Perú and your people and culture... is wonderful.
I have many desire of return to Perú, it's a beautiful country.

my Favorite Geography Subject

my favorite subject in geography in this semester, is Rural Development.

this subject is executed for Martine Driven teacher. She is belgian,but lives in Chile about 20 years old. she is economist of the CEPAL, and she is specialist in topics of rural development.

I like this subject, for many reasons, the first is that the teacher is a good teacher, this is motivating and I have wanted of study. Second, the topics are very interesting for me, I like very much.

for example, in this semester,I learned about many theoretical aspects of "the rural" and "development" in Chile and the world, also of the importance of the economy and of "the local" in the situation of development in "the rural" in the world. this is very useful for me.

I thing, that this contents, I will be very useful for me in the future, and very important for me, in my formation as a qualified geographer. I am very happy with this subject and teacher.

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Andrea and me

Hello Classmates

the girl on the left of the photo is my best friend. Her name is Andrea Molina Carrer. we go back a long time,We both met when I lived in Fresia in south of Chile.

the two are our best friends. and while we are not see as often, we know we can count on the other :)

with my friend we are very similar in personality, both have strong personalities, for this in more than once ocacion we have discussed :P but we learned to talk and fix situations.

She is a intelligent girl, is interesting to talk whit her, also, we travel with her to many places, we like the adventure, some girls are all-terrain, and that I love.

in fact, my friend is very human and not is perfect, but it is very good person and I love much to her.


In the picture, we were in the "Alto Bio Bio" in the lagoon named "La Mula" in the range, in the past summer vacation.

why I study geography?

hello Clasmates

today I to speak about why I decided studied tha career of geography :)
first of all, I to have confesse, that before of I give the PSU, I did not know on the career of geography :P I did know on the career of geography after of I get my score of PSU. I was in central house of the university of chile in a career fair, when, I saw a shelf that say... "Geography". I single knew of the geography of the school, but as I liked the history in the school, I approached to ask.
there a boy said me that geography was a career very varied, that included areas: social, economic, physical, environmental and techniques (GIS)
I loved the career when the boy said me that a student was working in a cadastre of galciares in southern Chile :D !
I excited a lot and found what I was looking for.

although several times I criticized much of the career of geography, that has not stopped my taste for the career. i think that are things that have that see with bad planification and bad teachers, but no with the career itself. for the same, are some stuff I can independently overcome.

in te future I like specialize in topics of development urban and rural, environmental, sustainability and planning, that are the topics that I more like me.

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Trip to Pichilemu

mainly we were to collect information on the earthquake and tsunami in the zone of Pichilemu. In this context, we were good because collect enough information on the subject, but as to the learner's new contents of the subject, was not a field trip very productive and profitable... That disappointed me, and saddened me a bit, because, after all travel involves not only monetary resources.. also time and energy resources, that may have been better utilized... miss planning and organization, but especially a good guide and preparation of students, approach to coastal planning and management. However, equal I enjoyment of the trip, because I shared with my classmates and visited nice places. Pichilemu is very nice place, is very cool the beach and surf!!! places I visit, I liked the most was Punta de Lobos, there the waves were too big and the sea was beautiful.
I think that certainly I would live a time in Pichilemu.


miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The Blog of Camila

my first impression of the blog, is that is very dark. warning my atention because camila is very cheerful and happy jajaja.
the colours that more use in yuor blog are: black (more), blue, green and red.

in the blog had wrote not much the clasmates :P... I think that this situation is general in the course, because we not give have time for write in english, this is very bad... and we not learn English :( ... and I am lately said for this situation (not learn english) because cost me more than others clasmates.

while the desing the blog don't like me much (is simple and classical)... yes like me the photos and video, are very beautiful, colorful and intersting =)

like me the video of the NASA "images of solar activity" woooouu!... is very interesting and wonderful. I would like upload a video in my blog, but I don't know how! =( probably, I do question to Camila how do it.


Camila Say in the blog of Fernando.

"My love, I think you draw very well, making drawings are beautiful!"
29 April 2010 19:30"

I think that "my love, i think you draw very well" this well written, but.. "making drawings are beautiful" I don't understand. maybe she could have written: "make drawings is beautiful!" but I'm not sure, because, I don't know that thing she wanted to write.

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

my favourite free time activity

My favorite free time activity is to paint. I love painting pictures. I prefer to paint with oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal etc. I really like every artistic craft. I have tried to paint constantly in my life, but sometimes I lack time.

I began to paint many years ago, when I was a child about seven years old. At that time, I lived in Fresia- Puerto Montt, in south of Chile. I took a few courses with teacher, I learnt painter techniques, it's was fun and useful for my.

I am not professional painter, I am amateur painter, but anyway I like my own pictures. And other people has told me they like them too. This is rewarding and makes me proud of myself and happy.

At this moment, for example, I am painting a picture. It's an assignment that They will paid me for. it's the second time I sell a picture in my life, this makes me very happy.

I think I began to paint because I feel that art is a different and beautiful form of communication. It's a different world. Is color, emotion, passion, joy, sadnes, energy, power, change... is wonderful.

For this... I Love to Paint!*

Wonderful Movie - The Fall

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Unforgettable Day

That day.. I Was in my house, I was sleeping in my bed when start the tremors. At first, I don't scared, since, I don't fear tremors. I did sit in my bed and I did see for the window, what I saw... I marvel. THE STREET WAS MOVING AS A WAVE!!! WAS BEAUTIFUL!... I WAS amazed... and I was paralized for few seconds...

in this moment started the earthquake.

The move was very power, the float moved for all directions, the bulding suddenly shuddered, I did listen noise strange... as a monster :P
was crazy... but was wonderful.

when the things did fell of the shelves, I react that was a earthquake.
In this instant, I woke the dream... I did remember, that I was with my family, my gran-mother and my mother, and I did going to look for them.

I did Take a my gran-mother and We went at the living room, my mother did opened the door... when we reached at the living room, my cat was under the table very scared! my Cat (Ayarauca) had all her hair bristling!!! jajaja and very scared called me with a single meow*** Jaajajajaa... gave me tenderness. =)

then the move stop. had finalized the earthquake...

when finalized the earthquake, I did feel scared... because I saw as the people, went out at the street scared, all people was crazy! they took their cars and ran!...
was very dangerous ... I was very scared in this moment.

In my opinion, the chilean reacted most bad! as is possible, that being a country seismic, your people don't know react to an event of this nature.
neither the government nor its citizens. All react most bad.

Is a situation that have more for think...

martes, 13 de abril de 2010

The Printing Machine

Hi my classmates!

Today, I write about my fovorite artifact of technology.
Is the printing machine.
I like the printing machine, because, is a technology that revolutionized the world. thanks this, the travelers of past time, they can write about the world and their wonders... and today, thanks to this, we know the world taht we know.

The Fist printing machine, was invented in China, around 2000 B.C. but, the frist modern printing machine, was invented in 1440 approximately by Johannes Gutenberg, even so, many authors dispute its authorship.

I think, that without this technology, could not have achieved all the technological advances that exist today, so is fundamental for the human and your existence with the know.

For all this, I Love the printing, because, thanks this, the human for the world share knowledge. =)

Is regrettable, that in Chile the books are more expensive :/
down the tax to the book!!! je je je



Simmon, sorry for the delay the my text, but, the past weekend I was of birthday :D
and with all the excitement I forgot the task :P
sorry, but here is ;)



miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

" Touch Wood " by Joan Manuel Serrat

My favourite song is "touch wood" (toca madera) by Joan Manuel Serrat. Joan Manuel Serrat is a spanish singer very famous in the musical world of the "trova". the first time you listen to it, I had eight years old and lived in southern of Chile, in the Lakes Region, exactly in a town called Fresia.
were beautiful years... with very nature and rains, and this song reminds me of those beautiful moments with my family aside the heat of fireplace. for all this I like this song so much :)
Joan Manuel Serrat compose very beautiful themes, and is also my songwriter favourite, I listen much to him. I usually like to hear at night or afternoon, relaxes me a lot.
its songs: "disculpe el señor" or "cantares" are classics of this style music and I love !.

Touch Wood

The song is a satire superstitious people. many people in spain is superstitious, believe in witches and evil eye, this is the reason for that Serrat takes the saying "touch wood" among others, to show how many people daily takes the saying to console and protect of bad circumstances of the life with proverbs and superstitions. He makes this criticism with consistency, rhythm and joy, and this I like.

Its subjects are to think them... its themes are very deep and intelligent, usually some people are bored or don't understand its content. but, I love Joan Manuel Serrat and its songs!!!


Moon & Woman

This picture represent my inner world :) The moon and the Woman live in me.
the Incas plataforms and corn, reveal my conecction with the earth fertility.
I Like the night and the stars, so I like the day also.
Also I like traveling, I Love to see new places!
I am a traveler of the soul ;)