martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

The Greatest Chilean

The greatest Chilean in the history was and is José Miguel Carrera.
I think this beacuse he struggle for the freedom of the country in the independence of Chile, he liked a free country with universal principles, with liberal principles, that in the past time, the concept liberal was diferent like to be now, liberal was a real politic of human liberty, non-libertarian or only economic liberty.
He was against to O’Higgins and your political posture that was Conservative. This political ideas (the O’higgins ideas) were the that build the base of the chilean republic that we life in the actuality. This is the poilitic inheritance that moving today the chilean politic.

In my opinion, the chilean politic (Conservative, traditionalist and with principles catholics) has te country submerged in close ideas and intolerances that non-permit advance in (for example) the creation of laws agree at the new times.
I think that if José Miguel Carrera had the governance of chile in the past time, chile today was a veryyy and more country.
Well... all this is only a hypotetical situation, but is beautuful reflect about a diferent past and future possible.

I feel that Jose miguel Carrera also Manuel Rodriguez (they was big friends and partner of ideas) didn’t betray for O’Higgins (with your ambition of political power) the ideals of Carrera to be alive today, build a diferent Chile, diferent laws and diferent persons.

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