martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010


Hello classmates!
my fovourite game when I was a child (I had five years old approximately) was my "saltarina"! a toy of the chain of chilean toys named: "Otto Kraus" nonexistent today in the company of toys :(
... I very sad... because this company had the best toys, very educational and enjoy toys.

The “saltarina” was a big ball and with her I can jump, jump, jump and jump all the day for all the places jajaja! It Was a very popular toy between the childs, I with all my friends played together at jump in the “saltarina”, It was wonderful for me, the best top for me.

When my parents gave me this present... I cried of happiness! It was very emotionant! My realization... ji ja jajaja :D
I remember once time, that I beg at my mother for more time for I could continue played in my “saltarina” with my friends, it was so enjoy for me!

I played often with the “saltarina”, I remember that played with it tree months all the time, until that my “saltarina”... my beautiful and wonderful “saltarina” went at heaven of “saltarinas”... yes... my “saltarina” bursted (exploto?)… :( I was very sad, I cried and cried for me “saltarina”, but I didn't have anything more of “saltarina”, I couldn't jump any more with a saltarina (my “saltarina”).

I learn the game with my friends, but before I saw the game in the tv, although unconscious, I think that it was a materialistic behavior... incredible... well, unfortunately the childs are most vulnerable at the publicity of TV :S the adults should be more cautious with it, the publicity can be very convincet for a child.
But, even with this... I loved my “saltarina” until today! :)

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  1. Astrid. It´s a game so entertainment when you play with more people but alone I think that it was boring.