martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


If I could choose any job (without monetary concern) ... I think that this job would be gardening.

I would like to be a gardener to I am with plants and trees all the day, and I can feel the damp land. I think that this work would be very niece and relax for me, because I love the open spaces, the nature and the temperature that the trees and vegetation (in general) generate in an urban ambient. Also I think that is most necessary create many more green areas in the city, this is good for the urban climate and good for the health of the urban people.
definitively, this job would be enjoy and relax for me and also this job would be useful for the health of the city! beautiful job! :D
I think that would be a big labor... simple and complex at same time, because in the actuality (unfortunately) in the city exist less opnen speaces where can build parks or gandens, actuality it's a big problem in the urban planning, it's not simple problem to resolve.

for this reason, I would work for few money, only the necessary to buy materials (tools, plants, natural fertilizars, etc) and I motivate at the owners to joined at this job.

This would be a good job for me, I would be happy and I would be relax.

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