martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

My Perfect Day, in a perfect place.

mmm.. my perfect day is a sunny day. I are in a natura place... there are water to flow and big trees... I am calm, no problems in my mind and heart. I am with all my friends and family (really, only the most important and closes), we enjoy of the landscape :) the mountains are beautiful! I see much birds.. so we play in the water (of the lake), swiming and we take a boat to go around the lake. later, we go at the river (that flow into the lake) and we walk and climb fot it, it’s funny, it’s an adventure (as Indiana Jones), we see much animals and birds and every now and then we stop to have a rest on a big rock. The water is very crystal clear and fresh, is nice to drink it. Later, we have a track and walk for here... little by little, we go into the wood (in the mountain) and I listen strange noises of the nature... I know that are animals, but I don’t know whiches, we climb and climb until that we arrive at the mountain top :D the landscape it’s wonderful! I see all the valley !! aaaaaaaah... I feel comfort, I to lie down on the grass and I see the blue sky... I see the form of the clouds, and with my friends play to see diferent animals in the clouds, then we speak about the life and laugth.

(this place exist... :))

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