martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Santiago Tour

Well, Santiago of Chile is a small city (in comparation with others big global citys) ... but this things to give to Santiago a special touch, between a big technological city and a small and traditional latinoamerican city.

If you ask me about five places that one turist have to visit in Santiago, I will recomending this places:

San Cristobal hill

This place is an important milestone for the citizen conquest of the “santiaguinos”. More time ago, this place belong at the catholic church (was a private place), and Vicuña Mackenna (his nephew) he proposed conquest the hill San Cristobal for the use the people of Santiago as a green lung for the city. For this reason all the saturdays climb the hill with children scouts and to hammer a flag in top the hill.

Brasil square and Brasil street

This place is a beautiful centre of arts and nice coffe shops. Here you are enjoy of a particular neighborhood with a special architecture, also enjoy of a historic place because the “Brasil street” was in the pre-conquist spanish time an ancient Incan canal used to crops.

Quinta Normal Park

This is a old park of the Santiago city, in the past time was used as a place of farming experimentation, here are the natural historic museum, the trains museum, a hospital and a artificial lake where you can take a boat ride.

Snow-covered valley (valle nevado)

If you like the snow and practice snow sports, this place it's perfect for you. It's to one hour of Santiago city, in the range of the Andes, it's a wonderful place that you should know.

Bellavista street

If you like the parties, dance or enjoy of delicious plates and liquors, this place is for you. It's a beautiful neighborhood to know people or going with friends.

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