lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010


hello geo blogers!
well, if I think about a famous person of the history that I would like to meet, this person would be Madiba.

Mandiba is a name that the clan of Nelson Mandela the gave to him in honor to her strong work and life.

Nelson Mandela was a person that struggle to social vindication of your people, He struggle against racism and apartheid in South African. He struggle but also he build a new society in South African, He build a new society based on the principles of fraternity, tolerance and respect for the cultural diversity.
This was a strong work, but very necessary for one society so divided as the South African in past time.
Nelson Mandela achieve unify the society South African, and I admire and respect this work.

I would like to meet to Nelson Mandela and ask to hem, how?!! how did he it? Where he found the strong to survive 27 years in prison? Where he found the strong to get over so much pains, anger and humillations? So injusticies? How he achieve to get over this and change them emotions for love and pardon. It's incredible!!... he is a biiiiiiig man, the real man, a Human.

I felling that a conversation with Mandiba would be a Big Honor and pleasure for me, and I would learn much about him.

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